vrijdag 15 juni 2012

How do you store YOUR jewelry?

Jewelry boxes can be helpful,  but it is not handy for chains.
There are other ways to organize your jewelry.
Below you can see some examples.

Drive a few long nails in a fibreboard (attached to the wall)
so you have more choice to decide what to hang.
It can be a pair of earrings, wide bracelet, bangle or a number of…….

The benefits of this way of organizing is, there is space for each piece of jewelry.

A jewelry holder is always nice and available in various types.
It is also a decoration if you put a few together.

Do you remember how you felt when you bought your jewelry?
Well that same feeling you'll get back if you organize it.
Delicious, warm and energetic. ♫♪♥☺♪

                                 xoxo Rinia 

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  1. Lovely inspiration post! When I finally have moved, I'm definitely reorganizing my jewelry!