I assumed that I always could wear what I wanted.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t true. My live changed after a triple ankle fracture in 2008.
Surgical repair was necessary, results ? only two of the bones could be repaired and
needed implanted supports (2 metal rods, 1 plate and 5 screws).
Would this affect my style of dressing in the future? I didn’t care at that moment .
Despite a painful and confused moment, I threw away all my shoes with heels… ouch!!!!!!
I was grateful …, after a long time I could walk again.

One day, somewhere in March 2010, I started drawing shoes and placed them on Fashionunited, Fashion Industry Network,,
From that moment  I visit daily fashion sites/blogs and spend hours and hours to read, to join ,suscribe to newletters and buy fashion magazines.
It became a habit or… an addiction ?   O.m.g.  “Is this actually  about my illustrations, expression or what?”.
For one thing I’m sure,I never can walk on high heels, pumps or wedges again, wich limited the choice to wear what I want.
Now I cherish for what i´ve lost.   I respect and salute the fashion !!!!!

Xoxo, Rinia Dataram


This blog is not about whining, complaining or feel pity
Life experiences brings knowledge to people.          
This bad experiences helps me improve my way of thinking.  

Like I said before, I spend hours to read  fashion sites and blogs,
 why not share the information, the cute stuff and hotest items? 
If I can make you or someone else happy with the finds and information I will certainly do.

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