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Hi, my name is Isabella, I’m from Chile and I’m very exited for being invited by Rinia to her blog!

I’m 10 years old and started my own blog 6 month ago. I always liked fashion, to pick my own clothes and to go to fashion shows. Some day I started talking about blogs with my mom and we realized that the blogs about kids are written by parents for parents, so we decided I could do a diference by making the first chilean blog about fashion, for kids by a kid. That's how all started and now Im having a lot of fun, writing about the things I like and puting it on the blog always with the help of my mom.

I love color, better if its fluor! Love to wear my dark skinny jeans with hi top sneakers. Thats my day to day look.

I dont think I have an specific inspiration, but I guess I’m inlfuenced by my mothers style and some caracters from my favorite Tv Shows like, Selena Gomez from “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman from “Shake it up” and China Anne McClain from “A.N.T. Farm”
I hope you enjoyed to know about me, if you want you can also visit my blog =) >>

Lane Dataram

Hi,I´m Lane,
I love skinny jeans with a jacket & pumps.
My favorite stores:

I’m very choosy with FASHION J

I only buy something when my first reaction is “WOW I LOVE IT”!!

There was a time that I only bought caramel colored clothing.
PSS!! I also <3 denim stuff.
Well my time is up,I gotta go now. I enjoyed sharing my passion for fashion with you.
                      xoxo, Lane 

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