How to make Jeans Have a Second Life

Ineke Berger did earlier a lot with fabrics. She made clothes, cushions, poufs, and loved it. She wanted to pick up, with furniture. Therefore, she trained as a furniture upholsterer.
At the HMC Amsterdam she completed this training and started her own furniture upholsterer. Her first chair during her training, she covered with her old blue jeans and the result was so much great, she continued with it.
She also make pilows and poufs of jeans. Recently she covered a mirror frame and that result was also great.
There are always new ideas and Ineke Berger will continued with it.

I love her work, it´s cool and very creative.
I thank Ineke Berger for her cooperation

Would you like to more about Ineke Berger?
Take a look at her website:

Some Details inside my house.

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