T&C is an International Nail Service Agency. Passionately working on developing the perfect DNA for you! Meet Bidjai Bhagoe the Founder. Tamara Bhagoe, International High-end Nail Artist & Master Educator and Judge. For over a decade and more decades to follow. They lived and breathed the international nail care industry. On top of this world they created their dream and desperate want to share with you.
DNA Essentials for Beautiful Nails. A mix of Nail Science & Lifestyle!
Their Mantra is your DNA.

The famous nail stylist from Enschede has her degree in mid-2002 as Nail stylist elected. Tamara is multiple Nail Champion in the Benelux and fifth of the World Championships. She is the first in the Benelux Nail Stylist ever won in one year seven times Nailtrofee. 
At the finale of Mrs.Multiverse 2012 she was 2nd Runner Up. Moreover, she was crowned to Mrs.. Social Media.

Here at Fashionreveal you can follow from now on their updates.

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